Bark Europa Tall Ships Races 2012 Youth In Action

Bark Europa Youth in Action TSR 2012 Cascais from Andre Nogueira de Melo on Vimeo.

" Hello, My name is André, I'm 26 years old and I'm a tutor in the European Union's Programme Youth in Action aboard the boat Europa. At the moment, we are in the middle of 2012's Tall Ships Race - this is the 10th day of our trip and we are currently at the bay of Cascais. Yesterday, we crossed the finish line, arriving at 3rd place. We are now having a wonderful breakfast, and the sun is just coming up now, which makes everything even more perfect. Aboard Europa we have 43 trainees of 8 different nationalities, there are 7 Portuguese aboard and me as the tutor of this program. My role was basically to assure a good interaction between the professional crew of the ship and the young crowd. The goal was to achieve a balance so that the crew wouldn't have to spend much time looking after the young crowd and thus could engage in everything that has to do with professional sailing whilst the youngsters could learn something about maritime life and routines, instead of just lazying around or staying in their cabins.
Our trip was between St Malo, France and Lisbon, Portugal; we have crossed the Bay of Biscay and it all went well. We've had all kinds of weather... from lack of wind and rippling, to wind force 7. We've worked a lot with these sails because we've sailed with the wind aft and tack so we've experienced all kinds of sailing and points of sail here.
Finally, yesterday, we've had some time to go swimming in the sea and there was a party on the deck.
The spirit aboard Europa is relaxed but, at the same time, there is no sloppiness. The crew is really experienced for Europa sails to Antarctica every year.
There is a brotherhood of Tall Ships' Captains and the Captain of this ship is the first, therefore he's the oldest, and more experienced.
I hope to meet you all aboard another boat some other time. Just by watching these images and listening to the stories of the Portuguese who have sailed with us now, I'm sure you will be eager to come sailing too! " Tradução: Carla Cook